Medicines for Foot at Clear Step Podiatry

Do over the counter topical creams work?

Woman had pain in nails

Are you embarrassed by your nail fungus?

Someone is walking in the street

The most common causes of nail fungus we hear from clients

Elegant Room at Clear Step Podiatry

What to expect when you visit the clinic

Doctor is explaining something to his patient

Post Treatment Care Is the Secret To Success With Nail Fungus

White layers for nails

The Anatomy Of Your Nails

Sun reflect it's light on 3 people's feet

Nail fungus is growing

Someone make a silent reaction with his toe on his mouth

Three Little Facts About Nail Fungus & Cold Laser Treatment

Dead skin below the foot

Get rid of that hard dead skin!

Toenail on the toe in the patient's foot

What Actually Is An Ingrown Toenail?

Doctor taking care of the patient's feet

What is a neuroma?

someone on scooter in the street

How to get rid of smelly feet!

Bare foot behind orthotics at Clear Step Podiatry

What are Orthotics?

Doctor is taking care of the foot diabetes at Clear Step Podiatry

What is Diabetes?

bare foot is walking on the carpet

Diabetic Foot Care Tips

Toenail trimming guide

people feet

Common Misconceptions

Doctor taking care of the patient's feet

What kind of basic care do my feet need?

Corns & Calluses below the patient's foot

Corns & Calluses Issues

pillow below the suffering patient's foot

RICE the 4 letter word to help reduce pain and swelling in the foot

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The causes of Heel Pain

What is the severity of your sprain?

Achilles Tendinopathy

What is a hammer toe?

Bare foot

Onychomycosis “Toenail fungus”

Bare feet is walking on the blue carpet

Heel Spurs

Bare foot

Taking Care of Flat Feet

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