Cold Laser is the most effective treatment on the market for killing off stubborn fungal nail infections.

Finally, a solution is now available for your embarrassing fungal toenail infections! With Cold Laser treatment, you can look forward to no longer needing to hide your toenails, and you can stop worrying about spreading it to family and friends.

Lunula Cold Laser is the gold standard treatment for fungal nail infections, and it is considered the most effective treatment currently available on the market with FDA clearance. Clear Step Podiatry was the first and is still the only podiatry clinic in Auckland offering the revolutionary Lunula Cold Laser treatment.

With our state of the art cold laser equipment and the development of best practice pre and post treatment protocols, our podiatrist go further than any other clinic to treat this condition and our record reflects this.

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Key benefits of using cold laser to treat toenail fungus

What is Onychomycosis?

Onychomycosis is a chronic fungal infection of the nail plate, nail bed, or both. It is estimated to affect nearly 10% of the general population, with the incidence rising sharply to nearly 30%, in patients over age 60.

How Cold Laser treats fungal nail infections?

The Lunula Cold Laser device produces two rotating laser beams which can cover a large area of the foot, to completely treating all of the nails simultaneously. The Lunula Cold Lasers impressive clinical response stems from its two therapeutic wavelengths: 405 nm (violet light) and 635 nm (red light). Each wavelength performs a very specific function to provide a comprehensive treatment to target Onychomycosis.

  • Violet Light (405nm): 405nm Possesses antimicrobial effects to target the fungus, either by killing or weakening the pathogen immune defence and breaking down the pathogen cell walls. – Red Light (635nm)
  • Supports local immune cells to fight onychomycosis causing fungus. Stimulates oxygen and circulation back into the nail plate to increase the overall health of the nails.

The manner in which the wavelengths are delivered is through a line generate beam, which maximises the treatment surface. The fungal pathogen may not only affect multiple toes, but also may be found deep within a dystrophic nail or along the nail bed and root. The line-generated beam ensures that, regardless of where the fungal pathogen resides, an effective treatment will be administered.

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